Net Worth: Top 10 Richest Instagram Comedians In Nigeria In 2022, Their Names, Ages, How Much They Earn

Who are the richest Instagram comedians in Nigeria in 2022? Here is a list of the top 10 highest-paid IG Comedians in Nigeria.

Nigeria can boast of being one of the best Countries in Africa blessed with gifted, talented, and creative young Comedians as comedy is becoming the new business in the country.

Aside from comedy, Nigerian is indeed a blessed country filled with young talents ranging from the Music industry, Movie industry, Comedians, footballers, and boxers.

Instagram has no doubt helped a lot of talented Comedians in Nigeria to showcase their skills.

The photo and video-sharing platform is currently the source of income to almost every comedian in the country, the likes of NastyBlaq, Mr. Macaroni, Broda Shaggi, Sirbalo, and others have made a huge amount of money, fame, endorsement on Instagram for their talents.

These Comedians have made name for themselves in the entertainment industry, asides from fame and awards the likes of Mr. Macaroni, Brain Jotter, Sydney Talker, Zicsaloma, and many others in that same industry are currently Brand Ambassadors of different companies due to their outstanding Comedies.

They have also made cool cash, build Houses, bought brand new cars from doing comedies too.

In this article, TheDistin will share with you the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria who are making our stay on Instagram remarkable as always and bringing smiles to the sad souls on the app.

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Top 10 Richest IG Comedians In Nigeria In 2022

Below is the list of the 10 richest comedians who rose to fame through sharing their skits on Instagram and their estimated net worths in dollars.

1. Mark Angel

Net Worth: Top 10 Richest Instagram Comedians In Nigeria In 2022, Their Names, Ages, How Much They Earn
  • Net Worth: $2 million
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Best Known For: Mark Angel Comedy
  • Years of Active: 2013 – 2022
  • Instagram: @markangelcomedy with 1.5 million followers
  • YouTube Channel: 8.15 million Subscribers

Mark Angel is a Nigerian comedian, scriptwriter, and video producer. He is best known for the Mark Angel Comedy series of shorts on YouTube, often featuring child comedians such as his cousin, Emmanuella Samuel, his niece, and her cousin “Aunty” Success Madubuike.

Anyone who knows Mark Angel will attest to the fact that he started off from posting on Facebook, Instagram, before YouTube even though he is much famous on the video-sharing platform.

On Instagram, Mark Angel Comedy has 1.5 million followers as of February 2022 and has 8.15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Mark Angel’s streams of income are from YouTube ads, sponsorship, and partnerships with companies.

Mark Angel is extremely rich but does not love to flaunt his assets on his social media pages, rather, he chooses to invest in his comedy and takes care of each member of his crew.

According to Social Blade, Mark Angel Comedy earns an estimated income of $4.3K – $68K in a month and an estimated salary of $53K – $832K in a year.

With these estimations, Mark Angel’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million in 2022.

2. Mr Macaroni

Net Worth: Top 10 Richest Instagram Comedians In Nigeria In 2022, Their Names, Ages, How Much They Earn
  • Net Worth: $300,000
  • Real Name: Debo Adedayo
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Birthday: May 3, 1993
  • State of Origin: Lagos State
  • Instagram: @mrmacaroni1 with 2.6 million followers
  • YouTube Channel: 578K subscribers

Mr. Macaroni is one of the best Comedians in Nigeria with a huge fan base on social media platforms. He is known for words like “You are doing well” “Fantabulous” in every of his comedy videos and is mostly called “Mr. Freaky Freaky” in Nigeria. Mr. Macaroni is among the richest Instagram Comedians in Nigeria.

He was born Debo Adedayo on the 3rd of May 1993 in Lagos State. The Nigerian Comic Skit maker was brought up in Lagos where he did his primary, secondary School before going further to Redeemer’s University to study Theater Arts.

After graduating from the University, in 2012, Mr. Macaroni started his Comedy career and today here he is among the prominent Instagram Comedians in Nigeria.

3. Broda Shaggi

  • Net Worth: $280,000
  • Real Name: Samuel Animashaun Perry
  • State of Origin: Lagos State
  • Instagram: @brodashaggi with 9.9 million followers
  • YouTube Channel: 1.32 million Subscribers

Samuel Animaehaun Perry also known as Broda Shaggi is a renowned comedian in Nigeria. He is regarded as one of the richest Nigerian comedians in 2022

The entertainer was born in Lagos State, he went to Creek High school before proceeding to the University of Lagos where he got a degree in creative arts.

Broda Shaggi is a degree holder in Creative Arts from Lagos State University. He is such a talented young man in Comedy, Shaggi is known for saying “Oya hit me” in most of his skits.

He started his comedic acting from a young age. He became famous on Instagram where he used to share short skits until he channeled his attention to YouTube.

BrodaShaggi is not only a comedian, he is a musical artist who has released a couple of songs to his credit. Aside from comedy and music, BrodaShaggi is an influencer who works with top brands within and beyond Nigeria.

Per an estimation by Social Blade, BrdaShaggi makes $2.4K – $37.9K in a month and $28.4K – $454.4K in a year on YouTube. He also earns from his various endeavors and his influence on Instagram.

Earning from these streams of income, Brodashagggi’s net worth is estimated to be over $250,000.

4. SamSpedy

  • Net Worth: $250,000
  • Real Name: Samuel Oluwafemi Osubiojo
  • Age: 27 years old
  • State of Origin: Ekiti State
  • Instagram: @samspedy with 290K followers
  • YouTube Channel: 2.32 million subscribers

Samuel Oluwafemi Osubiojo is a renowned Instagram Comedian in Nigeria. He was convinced in 1992 Ekiti State.

He often appears as Mama Ojo in most of his comedy.

He has one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in Nigeria. He surpasses many famous musicians on YouTube in terms of views and subscribers.

The 26 years old comedian is one of the richest Instagram comedians in Nigeria in 2022. On Instagram where he also shares most of his skits, he has 290K followers.

According to Social Blade, Samspedy earns $3.6K – $57.3K in a month and $43K – $687.8K in a year from YouTube ads.

Earning from modeling as well, SamSpedy is estimated to be worth $200,00.

5. Sydney Talker

  • Net Worth: $200,000
  • Real Name: Sydney Egere
  • State of Origin: Edo State
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Instagram Followers: @sydneytalker with 3.2 million
  • YouTube Channel: 152,000 subscribers
  • Business: Founder and CEO of Neville Records

Sydney Egere is another wealthy Comedian in Nigeria. He is a content Creator, Actor, social media influencer from Edo State.

Sydney completed all his education before venturing into the industry as a Comedian, as it stands now, he recently purchased a brand new car and house for himself.

Sydney Talker is one of the richest Instagram Comedians in Nigeria as of 2022.

Sydney bought his white Geely Coolray car on August 19, 2021, and shared pictures of it on his Instagram page with his fans.

As of 2022, Sydney Talker’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

6. NastyBlaq

  • Net Worth: $190,000
  • Real Name: Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu
  • Instagram: @nastyblaq with 2.3 million followers
  • YouTube Channel: 162K subs

Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu better known as NastyBlaq is a 24-year-old famous and gifted comedian in Nigeria.

He rose to stardom in 2018 after releasing skits he titled “My Woman” ever since then, NastyBlaq has been making it in Comedy.

Today, NastyBlaq is among the richest Instagram Comedians in Nigeria.

Nasty Blaq on November 23, 2021, bought a Mercedes Benz car and took to his Instagram page to share the great news with his fans.

Nasty Blaq’s net worth reportedly stands at $190,000.

7. Lasisi Elenu

  • Net Worth: $184,600
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Years of Active: 2017 – 2022
  • Best Known For: Wide mouth performance filter on social media, Mama and Papa Godspower comedy series
  • Instagram: @lasisielenu with 3.9 million followers
  • YouTube Channel: 144K Subscribers

Lasisi Elenu’s full name is Nosa Afolabi. He is a gifted comedian from Kwara State. He had his High school education in Kwara after which he continued to the University Of Agriculture in Illorin.

Apart from comedy, Lasisi is one of the well-known influencers in Nigeria. The comedian is among the richest Instagram Comedians in the country.

Who doesn’t Know Lasisi Elenu on Instagram? If you don’t know him then you must be joking I think. His Comedy is all over Instagram and Facebook.

Lasisi Elenu earns from YouTube ads, and for being an influencer. His estimated net worth is $184,600.

8. Craze Clown

Craze Clown is part of the traditional skit comedy community on Instagram. In his elderly man routine, dressed in an off-white agbada and a cap that is customarily known to the Yoruba tribe.

He delivers structured hilarity to followers with an efficiency that has earned him over 4.4m followers and regular sponsored posts from various brands.

He’s up there among the best and richest Nigerian Instagram comedians. Certainly in terms of success.

9. Oluwadolarz

  • Net Worth: $150,000
  • Instagram: @oluwadolarz with 3.6 million followers
  • YouTube Channel: 198K Subscribers

Oluwadolarz is the CEO of Oluwa Dollarz Room of Comedy. He is one of the funniest Nigerian comedians as of 2022.

He has amassed a major social media following since becoming popular. On Instagram, he has 2.6 million followers, and also he has close to 200,000 YouTube subscribers.

He mostly features his younger brother and sister and mom in most of his skits. He released more comedy content last year than just like others on this list.

Oluwa Dollarz earns from YouTube ads, and partnerships and sponsorships with companies. He owns a house and a number of cars.

He is estimated to be worth around $150,000.

10. Taaooma

  • Net Worth: $120,000
  • Real Name: Apaokagi Maryam
  • Instagram: @taaooma with 3.3 million followers
  • YouTube Channel: 642K Subscribers

People always say, What a Man Can do a woman cannot do that but here is Taaooma proving them wrong. Taaooma is the only female Comedian on this list.

Her real name is Apaokagi Maryam, she started comedy in 2019 as a result of her boyfriend.

Taaooma was born in Nigeria, but she was raised by her parents in Namibia, at the age of 10 Taaooma relocated back to Nigeria where she later continued her education.

She is a graduate of Tourism And Travel Service Management from Kwara State University. Most of her Comedies are based on how African mothers treat Their children.

Taaooma is the number 10 richest Instagram Comedian on this list.

Other Rich Instagram Comedians In Nigeria

Brain Jotter

Chukwuemeka Amuzie who is also regarded as Brain Jotter is a fast-rising Instagram Comedian. He is among the richest Instagram comedians out there.


Sirbalo is gradually dominating the comedy scene with his good videos. He started comedy around 2018 and as of 2021, Sirbalo has made name for himself in Nigeria.

He recently bought a brand new house this year. Sirbalo born Timothy Obotuke is among the richest Instagram Comedians in Nigeria.

When it comes to Comedy, SirBalo is a household name in the comedy industry. He is known for using beautiful girls in his videos. SirBalo born Timothy Obotuke ventured into Comedy around 2018 and now, SirBalo has already gotten a car and house for himself within three years of starting Comedy.


Zicsaloma is a talented Comedian in Nigeria, his creativeness in videos is wonderful, he often appears as a woman in most of his comedy. Zicsaloma was born in Kaduna, he was raised by his parents alongside his brothers today.

In 2021, Zicsaloma purchased a house for his mother.

The comedian recently announced that he bought a new house and a car for himself through the comedies he post on Instagram.

Klinton COD

KlintonCod is a Warri-born Instagram Comedian. He is one of the prominent comedians who will always brighten your mood with his jokes. KlintonCod is the number 10 richest Instagram Comedians we have in the country.

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