Writing SOP: 12 Most Common Mistakes That Lead To Rejection – Avoid These In Your Statement Of Purpose

SOP Mistakes

Secrets and details to writing a successful motivational letter (Some universities and colleges also call it admission essay or statement of purpose also known as SOP. Common mistakes that lead to rejection or permanent backlisting your application that you need to avoid. We all want our SOP to be the best of all and that is why … Read more

The 5 Paragraph Statement Of Purpose (SOP): How To Write Your Graduate School Application Personal Statement – Writing Tips And All You Need To Know!

Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

Secrets and details of writing successful motivation letter (some universities also call it admission essay, or better still a Statement of Purpose also known as SOP). In this article, we will discuss: What SOP is all about SOP Formats, Templates, and Guidelines for SOP Writing Tips for writing impressive SOPs Importance of SOP Word Limits in … Read more

How to Find Scholarships To Study Abroad In 2021 (10 Best Websites) For Africans

Study Abroad websites

Want to know how to find scholarships to study abroad? Looking for scholarships for college or university in USA, Austria, Canada, etc. for your undergraduate and graduates courses? This post gives you the 10 best websites to find scholarships when you don’t know where to start. These top websites help you find scholarships, fellowships, internships, … Read more

100% Guarantee Steps: What To Know Before Applying To Do Your High School, College, Masters, PhD Study Abroad As An International Student (2021 Update)

Study Abroad - how to apply

Are you in Ghana, Nigerian, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda or anywhere in Africa and wants to study abroad? Thedistin.com has gathered the basic requirements/steps and the documents that one needs to have their dream education come to a reality. We understand that applying for high school, college, graduate and post-graduate studies can be … Read more